Hupkes Houthandel Dieren BV is a sawmill/planing mill specialized in the production of heavy timber mainly for the civil- and hydraulic engineering industry. (GWW).


At our sawmill in Dieren the Netherlands we are able to saw and process very large sizes or timber to a length of 15 meter mainly in the wood species Ekki (Azobé) and Opepe (Bilinga).


Next to our large stock of sawn Ekki and ready made sheet piling we always hold a wide assortment hewn Basralocusbeams. We also re-saw recovered piling and saw them into square beams. Also for round Cloeziana poles is Hupkes the right address.


For public domain and gardens we hold a large variety of garden wood in stock, either sawn or still unprocessed. This stock comes from our own direct import from the countries of origin of the various wood species, such as Massaranduba, Itauba, Mukulungu, Ipe, Cumaru, Angelim Vermelho, etc.


On request our planing mill can fit the timber with custom profiles and our processing department is at your service for all kinds of tailor-made work such as holes, chamfers, recesses or with the assembly of your orders. All products can be offered with or without FSC® certificate.


Our sales team is ready for you and will be happy to answer any question you may have.