The sawmill: The soul of Hupkes



To make a timber product requires craftmanship, experience and creativity.

Hupkes is one of the few timber businesses in the Netherlands that produces high quality products from tropical logs in-home, in particular for the civil and marine engineering industry. Every day we face the challenge to turn the natural product "log" into sustainable and high quality timber. Each log is unique and requires an experienced eye, from purchasing and processing up to delivery of the end product.

Hupkes has almost an era of experience in the production of timber products and more than 30 highly qualified employees apply their experience, knowhow and creativity every day.

Hupkes offers - if necessary temporarily even on very short notice - complex timberproducts for civil and hydraulic engineering projects. In our sawmill exceptional long lengths and equally exceptional wide diametres are - with highest precision - sawn, planed, pre-drilled and prepared to suit your needs. This is our core and our strength and with every day that passes, our experience and knowhow grow even more.